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Lens Case

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IMPORTANT TO KNOW that ALL contact lenses purchased in our store INCLUDE a lens case.
These are for sale for people who want to buy more. Please read the following to find out why:
Often, many overlook the step of also replacing their lens case and therefore turn from long sight to this routine. Ideally, the cases should be replaced every 3-4 months.

You may ask yourself, "But I change my solution every time I take off my lenses." Yes, changing the solution makes all the difference, but the bacteria remain inside the case. This happens because we touch the case and stick our fingers in it every day and because of most people keeping their contact lens cases in the bathroom, the chances of contamination are high.

Bacteria grow faster in a humid environment (such as your bathroom), which could put you at greater risk for an eye infection. So, while it may not be visible (the bacteria), it's a very important step you should take to avoid any damage to your eyes.